Hi, I'm Cher Hitte, Pastor of Worship Arts at Discover Life Church. I am also the wife of the Lead Pastor, Ken Hitte.  I have been over the Vocal and Band Team at Discover Life for 8 years and since January 2008 have been given the great opportunity to pastor all of the Worship Arts.  Worship Arts includes, Vocal, Band, Production (media, video, sound, camera, and lighting), Drama, Dance, Creative Writing, and Design Teams. I have always loved the Arts, and recently discovered my new found love of production. I have been singing, dancing and performing since the age of two.  My family knew at a very young age that drama came natural, ha! 


I met my husband Ken Hitte at the age of 13 at a Christian concert. However, being 13 and living 45 minutes from each other, the relationship did not last very long. We would see one another every year at Youth Camp and always had a thing for each other. At the age of 16 we decided to try this long distance thing again. At the age of 18 on July 17, 1993 I was married. While attending Brevard Community College for Accounting, Ken and I decided to become Youth and Music Pastors. It was an amazing and exciting journey.  It was also at that time when I realized that I could use my love of singing, dance and performing in church. Our Youth started traveling on Sunday nights and on Summer Mission Trips. In November of 1999, we started  pastoring Discover Life Church, then called North Melbourne Church of God. We are so privileged to be connected with such great people. In December of 2002 we were blessed with the arrival of our son Silas. He is truly a gift from God. Having trouble expanding our family and years of disappointing results, the news of his coming was indescribable. Silas to loves to sing, play guitar and drums,dancing, sports, cars (thanks to his DAD his favorites are Mustangs, Corvette's and the 2009 Camero) and everything else typical boys like to do.  As a family we have lots of fun with game nights, homemade pizza night, and family day.  We are big on traditions and do our best to keep them sacred.


What's on Your IPOD: What's not on my ipod is the question.  I have everything from oldies,top 40, 80's, 90's, classical, R&B, christian artists, jazz, and gospel. I also have an array of TV Shows from the Backyardigans to Handy Manny. When ever we are in an "Adult" setting such as the doctor's office, meetings, or somewhere where Silas needs to be quiet, I pull out the ipod and he watches his shows. What we do without our gadgets?

Books: I love to read! Reading is "MY TIME". I really enjoy non-fiction, but also read self help and growth books as well. I try to balance my reading by alternating between different genre. I usually read at least two books at a time (not literally of course) to stay grounded.   

What do you TiVo: Since Ken records everything, when there is room on the dvr, I TiVo, "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With the Stars" .

Sports Teams: I usually don't watch sports, I prefer to play. However I am currently rooting for the Discover Life Co-Ed Softball Team. Go DL!

Movies: This is an extremely hard question, because there are so many. Of course I like girly movies, but I also enjoy action and drama. However I do not do SCARY!!

Hobbies: I like to read, download songs from itunes, spend time with family and friends. 

Dislikes: I do not like frogs, especially the ones that are slimy and can turn their heads and look at you. YUCK! I do not like mushrooms or egg plant.  I HATE seafood, it smells. I absolutely despise children being mistreated. I do not like to be alone, I prefer a crowd (the more the merrier). 

Odd Facts: It's not really odd, but many people are not aware that I am a vegetarian.  I am double jointed in my arms and legs. I have a genetic disorder called Gittlemans Syndrome. I have a bag fetish, I love bags and purses. I love pickles and olives, I eat about a jar a week. If you offer me dessert or a pickle, I will choose the pickle. I am very interested in current events such as politics and world news, and I am very passionate about by views and beliefs.  I am extremely competitive. I check every window, door and sliding glass door before I go to bed, without fail, even at a hotel.  You would be surprised how many times at a hotel the window is not locked or is broke and will not lock.   

Life Scripture: "He who dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty." Psalm 91:1 KJV