"One of the most exciting things a church can celebrate is when parents dedicate their precious children to the Lord. In I Samuel 1 we read of a mother who desperately cries out to God for a child. God graciously answers her prayer and in turn, she dedicates him to the Lord and His service at a young age. Samuel grows up to be one of Israel's greatest prophets.

Today, we dedicate our children to the Lord in much the same way. We've recently instituted a pre-dedication class for all parents who desire to dedicate their children to God. To participate in the dedication ceremony, you are required to attend the pre-dedication class. We've done this for a couple reasons;

1) We want to insure we've provided ample opportunity for all parents to understand from a Biblical perspective what dedicating their Children to God truly means,
2) Late in 2011, Pastor Ken sensed God prompting Him to give more personal and specific instruction to parents interested in dedicating their children to the Lord
3) By having a class before the dedication ceremony, we are able to spend more time focused in on teaching/equipping.

This process is next to impossible to incorporate into the weekly worship service on top of everything else that goes into a worship experience. When we meet, you can expect the following;
a. Corporate Prayer
b. Brief teaching
c. Detailed Instruction about the dedication service
d. An itemized list of what to do before and after a baby dedication

Done right, there is so much more than a 10 minute experience on Sunday morning will allow. We are VERY excited to take our baby dedication to the next level here at discoverlifechurch.tv. We are thankful beyond expression for Godly parents who are led by the Spirit in raising their children. We are living in perilous times and we strongly desire to equip moms and dads to raise children who love God with their whole heart."

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